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Thank you

Hi Everyone,

Thank you all for your thought-provoking contributions throughout the 2030 Compass CoLab exercise on exploring the interactions between Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We are thrilled with the diversity of the identified SDGs interactions.

We aim at building a community of SDG experts and facilitating the process of knowledge sharing among a network of experts all around the world. This pilot exercise was a valuable starting point for connecting SDG experts and designing a bigger crowd-sourcing process through the 2030 Compass CoLab.

Building upon this pilot, we will soon start designing the next crowd-sourcing exercises on exploring and assessing the SDGs interactions, and we would be happy to have you all onboard for the next 2030 Compass CoLab exercises.

To this end, the next steps following up on the 2030 Compass CoLab dialogue are as follows:

  • Our team will develop a synthesis report highlighting the main SDGs interactions, identified influential factors affecting the SDGs interactions in different contexts, and the main discussions emerged during the comment and feedback phase.
  • The findings of this pilot crowd-sourcing exercise will be used as input material to the SDG expert panel to be held on October 3-4 in Stockholm.
  • We will circulate the synthesis report to participants in a couple of weeks. Participants will be given an opportunity to review and provide feedback on the draft synthesis report.
  • The process design of this exercise and the findings will be used to guide us designing the final crowd-sourcing exercise on developing generic and contextual SDGs interaction maps.
  • We will contact you in due course to invite you all to the next 2030 Compass CoLab exercises.

MIT Centre for Collective Intelligence (CCI) is constantly trying to improve and refine the Futures CoLab platform and would be grateful for any feedback you provide. We will be in touch very soon with a link to an evaluation survey to collect your feedback on the platform and the crowdsourcing process.

Many thanks to you all once again.

Best wishes,