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How the pilot works

During a pilot exercise, 2030 Compass CoLab will elicit input from a group of invited experts to inform the initial meeting of the SDG expert panel. The schedule for this pilot will be:

Week 1: September 9-15

Participants will be invited to contribute their ideas about interactions between SDGs that are either strongly positive or strongly negative. To prevent participants from influencing each other during Week 1, they will be able to see only the title of contributions submitted by others (except for a set of sample contributions for SDGs 1, 2, 3, and 5 submitted by Kristian Skanberg, a collaborator on the initial research that motivated this project).  

They submission form will ask participants to submit the following information for each SDG interaction:

  • which SDG interaction is being assessed (e.g. impact of success in acheiving SDG 3 on likelihood of acheiving SDG 12)
  • whether assessment is generic (applicable across geographies/sectors) or context specific
  • if context specific, details on the context
  • the relative strength of the interaction on a 7-grade numercial scale (see Figure 1 below),
  • factors that could affect the nature of the influece across geographies or economic sectors,
  • brief description of the nature of the influence. 


Week 2: September 16-22

Participants will be able to see the full contributions of others and will be invited to comment on and support ones they find interesting (supporting is akin to liking on Facebook).

In addition, if submissions by others spur new thinking, participants will be free to make new contributions about where SDGs may influence each other. 

Figure 1: Scale used to rate the influence of one Sustainable Development Goal on another